It’s important that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions for banking services, as well as any banking services terms and conditions provided by our product partners and financial service providers. These terms and conditions will let you know your rights and obligations, any restrictions that apply and how to report the loss, theft or unauthorised use of a card or PIN.

The steps you can take to protect yourself from card fraud and scams include:

  • Never give your PIN, Access Code or Password to anyone, as safeguarding the secrecy of this information is the best way to protect yourself from unauthorised transactions.
  • Don’t use personal information that is easy to guess (e.g., date of birth) for your PIN, Access Code or Password.
  • Contact us know immediately if your card is lost or stolen or someone has access to your PIN .
  • Let us know if you suspect your account has been compromised (including unauthorised transactions).
  • Make sure your card is secure at all times.
  • If you are expecting a card to be delivered in the mail, lock your letterbox (if possible) and if the card is taking longer than expected, let us know.
  • You may wish to lower your credit card limit to minimise the impact if someone gains access to your funds.
  • Cut up cancelled or expired cards before disposing of them.
  • Be vigilant when using ATM's or EFTPOS and watch out for others looking over your shoulder when entering your PIN.
  • Criminals can obtain card data by placing card skimming and PIN capturing cameras on ATM's, so be on the lookout for anything unusual on an ATM and report any suspicious devices to the ATM owner.
  • When using EFTPOS keep your card in sight at all times.
  • Always check your account statement on a regular basis to ensure there are no unauthorised transactions.
  • Utilise Visa Secure for your Auswide Bank Visa Debit Card or Auswide Bank Low Rate Credit Card.

We will never ask you for your online banking password, card PIN, or SMS verification codes. If you ever have any concerns about an incoming call you have received from someone claiming to be from Auswide Bank, hang up and contact us directly.

For useful information and advice about banking and online scams please refer to Scam Awareness page.

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