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Rates & Fees

No interest is paid on this account.

Fees Amount
Monthly fee $0
ATM withdrawal $0
When withdrawn at an Auswide Bank ATM
Branch transactions $2.50 per branch transaction
Withdrawals, deposits and transfers made in branch
Direct debit  $0
BPAY®  $0
When payment is made online or via mobile banking
eStatement $0
All fees and charges View our Guide to Personal Bank Accounts for details





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This account is available for personal use only - businesses, companies, body corporate, superannuation funds, family trusts, clubs and non-profit organisations are not eligible.

^Our Visa Debit Card is made from plant-based material PLA (Polyactic Acid). It contains no PVC and is made from plant-based material using renewable resources such as corn-starch and sugarcane. While the card still needs elements like a microchip and antenna to perform its job, the body of the card is made from 100% plant-based material and will safely break down in landfill without releasing toxins or micro plastics.

*Branch transactions may incur a fee.

'Auswide Bank' branded ATMs are classified as ATMs displaying the 'Auswide Bank' logo

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