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Purchase Rate1

10.99% p.a.

Cash Advance Rate1

10.99% p.a.

Interest Free Period1

Up to 55 days

Low Annual Fee+
Waived if you're under 25


Minimum Credit Limit~


Balance Transfer Rate*
For 12 months

0% p.a.

Limited time offer

Ditch the interest on your credit card with our 0% p.a. balance transfer for 12 months.* Switch to our Low Rate Visa Credit card with a low annual fee and low rates on both purchases and cash advances so you can pay off your balance with zero worries.

Features & Benefits

An award-winning credit card with a low purchase rate and cash advance rate, making it easy for you to confidently pay off your balance.

Download the Key Facts Sheet about this credit card. 

Rates & Fees


Low Rate Visa Credit Card Interest Rate
Purchase Annual Percentage Rate 10.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Annual Percentage Rate 10.99% p.a.
Balance Transfer Rate 0% for 12 months*
All interest rates View our Credit Card Rate & Fee Guide for full details
Fees Amount
Interest Free Period Up to 55 days^
Annual Fee $50 p.a. (waived if you are under 25 years)+
Cash Advance Fee $3.50 per advance
Late Payment Fee $20 per late or missed payment
Currency Conversion Fee 3.00% of the transaction amount
All fees & charges View our Credit Card Rate & Fee Guide for full details

How to Apply

Enquire now to start your application. Complete the submission form below to submit your enquiry once approved you’ll receive your card in 5-10 business days.

How it works

Enquire online

Click the Enquire now button to submit a contact form or call us on 1300 138 831.

Wait for our response

Once you submit your request we will contact you via your preferred contact method.


Ensure you’re eligible

  • Are you at least 18 years of age
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident

What you need

  • Drivers license or passport
  • Proof of income
  • Medicare card

Have some questions?

We’re here to help.

  • 1 The maximum 55 days interest free period applies when you pay your balance off in full for two consecutive months. If you carry a balance on your credit card from month to month, the 55 days interest free period does not apply and you are charged interest once you make a purchase. No interest free period is available on Cash Advances or Balance Transfers. Interest on cash advance transactions is calculated from the date the transaction is debited to your card account.

Auswide Bank Ltd ABN 40 087 652 060, AFSL No. 239686, Australian credit licence 239686 is the credit issuer. Credit criteria, fees & charges and terms and conditions apply.

+Subject to your credit approval and any waiver which may apply, you will be charged an Annual Card Fee of $50 for the Low Rate Visa credit card.

~Credit Limits issued are $500 - $50,000. Actual Credit Limit will be assigned based on Auswide Bank's credit criteria. 

* The Balance Transfer offer can be withdrawn at anytime without notice. Balance transfers from other Auswide Bank credit cards or loans may not be accepted. Upon expiry of a Balance Transfer offer, any unpaid balance of the Balance Transfer reverts backs to the Purchase Rate.

** Visa's Zero Liability policy covers Australian and New Zealand-issued cards and does not apply to ATM transactions, transactions not processed by Visa or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholders should notify their issuer promptly of any unauthorised Visa use. Please consult your issuer for additional details.

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