When banking online there are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • Make sure you have use Internet Banking SMS Secure by adding your mobile number to internet banking
  • Access our website by typing the address into your browser or bookmark the address
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest anti-virus and firewall software
  • Don’t use passwords or PINs that are easy to identify (e.g., names or dates of birth)
  • Don’t write down or store on any device your passwords or PINs
  • Change your password regularly and avoid using the same password across multiple logins
  • Make sure your data is encrypted by looking for the padlock symbol
  • Log out from the Internet banking menu when you finish your banking
  • Close your Internet browser when finished with internet banking
  • Do not click on any 'pop ups' that appear during an Internet banking session
  • Contact us if you lose your smartphone or tablet
  • When texting never disclose any personal information (e.g., passwords)
  • Be wary of downloading items that may contain malware and spyware
  • Be careful when using internet banking in public areas and don’t use unsecured Wi-Fi networks
  • Use a passcode with smart device and make sure it locks automatically when not in use

Make sure you have read Auswide Bank’s Banking Services Terms and Conditions. Other on-line services provided by our product partners may have separate terms and conditions and security information.

Internet and Mobile Banking SMS Secure

This free service provides you with the reassurance that funds in your Auswide Bank account are not being transferred to a new third-party payee or your contact details are not being changed online without your knowledge. With SMS Secure you will be sent an SMS whenever:

  • Funds are requested to be transferred to a new third-party payee
  • ‘Add to Payee List’ is ticked on the Internet Banking payment page
  • The BSB or Account Number of an existing payee is edited.
  • Contact details in My Profile are changed online

We will never ask you for your online banking password, card PIN, or SMS verification codes. If you ever have any concerns about an incoming call you have received from someone claiming to be from Auswide Bank, hang up and contact us directly.

  • Mobile Banking customers will need to set up new third-party payments using Internet Banking once registered for SMS Secure.
  • Customers who wish to transfer funds to a third party will need to adopt Internet Banking SMS Secure.
  • Provided there are no changes, payee authentication by SMS Secure, is only required when the payee is created

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