IMPORTANT: The disclosure of these credit ratings is strictly for the information of institutional and wholesale clients/shareholders/investors, international clients/shareholders/investors and equity analysts. They are not disclosed for use by retail clients/shareholders/investors and therefore should not be considered by or distributed to retail clients/shareholders/investors when making a decision in relation to any financial product issued by Auswide Bank or its subsidiaries.

The meaning of retail and wholesale clients is defined in section 761G of the Corporations Act (Cth), with financial products defined in section 763A of the Corporations Act (Cth).

  • Fitch Ratings has assigned Auswide Bank Ltd, BBB+ (long term) and F2 (short term) ratings with a Stable Outlook.
  • Moody’s Ratings has assigned Auswide Bank Ltd, Baa2 (long-term) and P-2 (short-term) ratings with a stable outlook.

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