Creating the digital bank of the future

The Australian banking sector is seeing a rapid shift in demand towards digital banking and like the industry, Auswide Bank is investing to offer a digital alternative for our current and future customers.

Our digital transformation also extends to our employees by offering them learning opportunities to grow their capabilities in a changing skills environment.

Auswide Bank’s digital transformation program, prioritises activity based on customer and employee experience. Auswide has also setup key digital pillars including data, API connectivity, cloud capability and security that forms the foundation of future investment.

Auswide Bank’s Transformation Program will continue to roll out over the next few years.

  • Foundational data capabilities for a data driven business
  • Digital experience through Internet Banking and Mobile App
  • Loan processing enhancements for time-to-yes and turnaround
  • Cyber resilience and protections to customer data
  • Broker accreditation, support and communications
  • Increased sales with digital verification of Identity services
  • Robotic processes
  • A full digital experience, payment choices and anytime, anywhere banking
  • Improved loan experience through auto decisioned loans, digital documentation and robotic processes
  • Elevating the brand across digital platforms
  • Industry leading AI to retain customers during a period of customer volatility
  • Trusted data for decision making
  • Integrations to speed up the connection of data, applications and devices
  • Best in class digitised end to end loan experience - open banking, streamlined refinancing, auto decisioning
  • Faster response supported by a 360-degree customer view
  • AI capability expanding across business, including next best offering
  • Digital Web/App experience that matches customer expectations

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